Training AI on Akash Network, The First Decentralized Cloud

Artificial Intelligence — A Glutton for Computer Power

Use CloudFlare’s free plan to enable SSL + custom domain names!

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Decentralized, blockchain enabled cloud computing is here to stay

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4 Simple steps to deploy a website on Akash

  1. Build your website and containerize
  2. Buy some $AKT and fund deployment wallet
  3. Run a few commands from your machine
  4. ??? Profit

Learn how CNNs work without staring at complex math equations.

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Learn the intuition and basic steps for canny edge detection

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Edge Detection Basics

Exploring some of the top tricks used by data experts

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1) Measuring things the wrong way

Learn the intuition behind how GANs work, without the need of complex math equations.

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Find the focal length (in pixels) of your smartphone

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Hands-on Tutorials

Using Generative Adversarial Networks to restore image quality.

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Create your own cat/dog classifier in no time!

Part of the backpropagation equations

Tee Yee Yang

PhD Candidate at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

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