Training AI on Akash Network, The First Decentralized Cloud

Will artificial intelligence take over the world? Sometimes it seems that way, for everyone has heard of AI models that can compose entire essays or generate realistic face images of people who don’t exist or create images from text descriptions.

But these AI outcomes don’t come cheap: the AI model…

Use CloudFlare’s free plan to enable SSL + custom domain names!

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Just a quick guide on using CloudFlare to enable custom domain names and HTTPS/SSL on your Akash deployment. This assumes that you already have a deployment running, and you have the custom uri from your Akash provider. …

Decentralized, blockchain enabled cloud computing is here to stay

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I recently stumbled upon an interesting blockchain project: Akash Network (GitHub). In simplest terms, Akash is a decentralized cloud computing marketplace. This short article documents the process of deploying my personal site using Akash, comparisons with other cloud providers, and some thoughts on the future of Akash.

  1. Build your website…

Learn how CNNs work without staring at complex math equations.

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Each time you unlock your smartphone using Face ID or use real-time Google Translate with your camera, something insane is going on behind the scenes! CNNs are the backbone of many amazing applications and tools that we use all the time. This post will explain the intuition behind the workings…

Learn the intuition and basic steps for canny edge detection

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Edge detection is a major component of image processing. Despite multiple advances in deep-learning-based techniques such as Convolutional Neural Networks that can perform very complex edge detection (i.e. edges with varying curvature, noise, color etc.), classical edge detection methods are still highly relevant in certain cases! …

Exploring some of the top tricks used by data experts

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Data Science is great. The idea of analyzing data for decision making has been around for many years, but the popularity of data science has exploded along with the FAANG companies’ growth in recent years. No matter your job title, experience level, or industry, I am confident that you will…

Learn the intuition behind how GANs work, without the need of complex math equations.

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GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks) have taken the world of deep learning and computer vision by storm since they were introduced by Goodfellow et al. in 2014 at NIPS. …

Find the focal length (in pixels) of your smartphone

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In the world of Computer Vision(CV), there are many interesting concepts. Deep Convolutional Neural Networks have largely dominated many CV tasks in the past decade. CNNs are able to perform better than humans at things like image classification, object detection and image segmentation in certain domains. The best advantage of…

Hands-on Tutorials

Using Generative Adversarial Networks to restore image quality.

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GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks) have taken the world of deep learning and computer vision by storm since they were introduced by Goodfellow et al. in 2014 at NIPS. …

Create your own cat/dog classifier in no time!

If you are trying to learn about Deep Learning today, there are tons of online courses, books and material for that. Then, something like this appears in the very first lesson:

Part of the backpropagation equations

Deep Learning is at it’s heart a data-analysis technique, thus the underlying concepts are definitely math-intensive. However, these complicated…

Tee Yee Yang

PhD Candidate at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

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